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Hi, I am Andrey Vox. More than 10 years I have been working as a wedding photographer. This genre of photojournalism I like the most. I am living in Austria, however the geography of my photo shoots is much wider: Czech Republic, Slovakia and Italy are the places where I constantly work. With much pleasure I will do my best to catch you in any place in Europe. St. Petersburg and Moscow are also among the places where atmospheric photography can occur.

   A photo allows you to keep in mind life’s subtle moments and make then tangible… A wedding photography is a figurative, very intimate and authentic form of art. So every time I aim for conveying not only the beauty and exceptionality of every couple, but also those breathtaking moments and details which make you heart skip the beat in happiness. There will be nothing more beautiful than that for me.

   My clients are stylish and successful people who want to have not just a picture but a true story of their life event filled with pure emotions. My goal is to depict any moment with a maximum of naturalness and beauty. 

   I am so happy that I can give such positive emotions and memories to people! If we look at this the same way – I will be glad to work with you!тешествуя по странам Европы.

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